Extra Resources

Improve your workflow

VFExtra is a set of tools and resources intended to help you make effects faster and easier.
It is an ongoing project to provide extra functionality the help VFX artists increase their productivity.

VFExtra includes a plugin, a large library of textures and a set of basic resources like Materials and Niagara scripts.


VFExtra by Niels Dewitte is licensed under CC BY 4.0


Documentation about VFExtra can be found on Notion

UE5 VFExtra Editor Plugin

Tools to upgrade your workflow in engine

Texture Maker
Build textures directly in Unreal using familiar methods!
Magic spline
Create complex spline meshes (soulercoasters) in an instant!
Anim spline
Quickly and easily extract animations into meshes!
Magic mesh
Create sweep meshes directly in the engine!

Download VFExtra Plugin

Download Latest [UE5.3]

Older versions


To install the plugin, download the zipped file above, unzip it using windows, then place it in the Plugins folder of your project.
If the Plugins folder does not exist yet, you need to create it yourself directly below the project folder.
Inside the same folder as the content folder

Alternatively you can also place it in the plugins folder of your engine installation to install it for all projects using that version of the engine.

VFExtra Textures

One of the largest texture libraries for VFX Artists.
All textures are png, so you can use them in your engine of choice!

Download per Category

Click on the thumbnails below to download the textures in that category,
then unzip and select your favorites to add to your project.

UE5 Other Resources

Simple Guide Effect
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